KPD has remained true to its initial purpose of providing loans and reducing the financial burden of its members. This objective is fulfilled through the following loan schemes:

Personal Loans
Special Loans Without Surety
Housing Loans
Small Holdings Loans
Car Loans
Computer Loans
Group Insurance
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KPD also provides for its members to withdraw 80% of their savings for special purposes such as buying land and houses, house renovation, medical expenses and performing the pilgrimage to Mecca.

KPD looks after the welfare of its members in other ways. Education aid is given to members' children who demonstrate excellent academic potential . In this respect, KPD provides scholarship for local primary and secondary education, and for university education both locally and abroad. As of 31 Jun 2008, KPD has 87,972 members.

Other benefits include:-

Grant For Funeral Expenses
Medical Insurance
Assured Investment on subscription
Preferential term on purchases of products from Trading Division